Readathon Day 1 check in #3 - Activity #1 (Clutter and Hoarding Rehab)

Okay.  I do have a hoarding problem.  As noted in my original Readathon post, I have some books from the public library I've renewed more than ten times.  Er.  Some many more than that.  So, I've admitted it.  Now, to the challenge!

Here's a picture of my TBR shelf:

Note that the top shelf is, indeed, two deep:

And, so as not to be outdone, here is Ivy's TBR pile (she's only 4, so she is allowed to make hers easier to reach):

Part two... my plan.  As I said in my intro post, my goal is to read those books I have renewed ten times or more.  I have other goals as well, but that's my central focus.  There are 12 books, and here they are:

  1. How Oliver Olson Changed the World
  2. Sassy: Little Sister is Not My Name
  3. Almost Astronauts
  4. Little Leap Forward: A Boy in Beijing
  5. Who's Jim Hines?
  6. A Chair for Always (I have actually read this one but will write a review)
  7. One Beetle Too Many
  8. Home on the Range: John A. Lomax and His Cowboy Songs
  9. Lost and Found (Clements)
  10. Yuki and the 1000 Carriers
  11. Bird (already read it, ditto review)
  12. Melonhead
(I also have What Will Fat Cat Sit On? which has been renewed 17 times, but that's because I'm sure I have already returned it.  I'm hoping the library finds it any day now.)

Here's a picture of those 12 books to prove I am organized enough to find them all and put them in one place: 

Additional books will be added if I am thinking I'm getting close to finishing any of these.  I also need to finish Raw Milk Revolution and Simplicity Parenting, as they are due Friday and can't be renewed, but I've already started on these.

Part Three... work my plan.  Well, thankfully, my dear husband will take the kids tomorrow to Grandma's house and leave me alone to read blissfully from morning until about 4pm.  I can put a good dent in these books tomorrow.

So!  I feel better already.  None of those are super chunky.  I can do it!  I think I'll tackle a short fiction book after reading the two nonfic ones I'm finishing, then Almost Astronauts.