Readathon Day 2 check in

2pm: I started the day by reading to my son in bed.  How sweet is that? I read some of Raw Milk Revolution over breakfast, also caught up on email and read some blog posts.  Husband took the kids to grandma's, leaving me free to read!  Hooray.  I read lots of email and blog posts, and finished Raw Milk Revolution while doing a load of laundry at the common house.  I have 2 more hours of unfettered reading.   Time to get started on that TBR pile!

3pm: Finished lunch and Who's Jim Hines?  On to Sassy...

10:30pm: Read a bit then fell asleep in the chair... husband came home with kids and went to the gym.  I took them outside and read while they played.  It's very hard to get any reading done while watching a 1.5 year old who has a tendency to run into the parking lot.  They finally fell asleep just before 10.  Finished Sassy -- ready for some Andrew Clements!