Readathon Day 3 check-in

2am: Just finished Lost and Found by Andrew Clements.  Awesome!  Time for bed - more in the morning.

12 noon: Working my way through Melonhead. falling asleep as I do.  Hilarious!  Husband took Ivy to the doctor for checkup.

5pm: Loving Melonhead even more.  Husband picked up some books from the library and I am trying not to read the Twilight graphic novel.  I did read a book with Ivy (Musical Beds) and read my email, and am importing Inkdeath into the iPhone.

10pm: Somehow I let Ivy talk me into taking us all out for sushi again tonight.  Kids are finally both asleep and I'm ready to read read read!  First, though, to check on the minichallenge for tonight...