Chris Van Allsburg at the 2010 Sarah Marwil Lamstein Children’s Literature Lecture

How did I not know that such a fabulous annual lecture was to be heard in my own little city?   How did I happen to miss Cynthia Kadohata last year, Daniel Handler in 2008 and Christopher Paul Curtis in 2007?? How, I ask you??  Gaaah!

Well, I am pleased as punch that I didn't miss it this year, and even more pleased that I didn't have to use a personal business day to miss work (Spring Break, I love thee) in order to listen with rapturous appreciation to Chris Van Allsburg talk about how he might be pretty good at drawing.

Here's some proof:

And here's me getting the proof signed:

Some highlights of the lecture:

I recorded the whole thing on my iPhone, but it looks as though CPC's 2007 lecture was not only audiorecorded, but videorecorded as well, which means I may not have to release my bootleg version.  Stay tuned.

Happy 100th post to me!

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