Readathon Day 5 check-in: Declutter the Blog

My check-in basically says I finished Little Leap Forward before going to bed this morning, then read the entirety of How Oliver Olson Changed the World (which was excellent), THEN read the Twilight graphic novel volume 1 (which I will have to write an entire post on), then went to bed.  In the morning I got up and started Almost Astronauts (which I am loving, by the way).  That's about as far as I got today, as I spent the day playing with my kids and enjoying the crummy weather -- which is to say napping in my easy chair -- then sorted my daughter's craft supplies, and finally went to dinner at my neighbor's house for her fabulous monthly fundraiser.  Truly an excellent day.  I will attempt to finish Almost Astronauts before I fall asleep in a wine-induced haze.

Minichallenge #5: Declutter the Blog tells me to come up with some way to reorganize things at my blog.

  1. I'm only following through on one meme (Nonfiction Mondays) and that only occasionally.  My goal here is to find some memes I'm willing to follow on a weekly or semi-weekly basis, to induce me to post more.
  2. My challenges are being met, but only some of them.  I think I got a bit overzealous in the number of books I can read at a time.  In particular my YA challenge is not being met.  My goal is to read more in my YA books, even if they are not library books.
  3. I only read one or maybe two books a day with my fabulous kids.  I would like to read more.  My goal here is to read one book in the morning with each child and at least one at night before going to bed. 
  4. From an organizational standpoint, I'm not happy with the way I'm sharing my status with each challenge.  My goal is to investigate how I can portray this and do a better job of it.
  5. Finally, my goal is to read each other blogger's goal and to learn something from it.