Brief hiatus, hopefully coming to a close, and Animoto of 100 Best Children's Novels

I've been overwhelmed by events in my own life -- nothing too important, just the craziness of spring at school and the enjoyment of being outside with my kids -- so blogging has dropped on my importance list. I'm starting to miss it, though.  I've read some good books in the past few weeks -- finally finished the Inkheart trilogy, read The Rock and the River, made some headway in I Capture the Castle.  And, oh, yes, the amazing stack of notes I took during Blogathon week.  Looks like I'll have a busy weekend of writing coming up.

In the meantime, I've been happily immersing myself in Betsy Bird's 100 Best Children's Novels poll results.  One thing I did was to download a cover of each of the books and make an iPhoto slide show, which I immediately shared with my fifth grade class.  Even with very brief annotations, it was over 15 minutes long.  Luckily they are very patient with me.  But I thought it would be handy to have a quick version to share on my web site.  So... here it is!