Review of 2009 and looking ahead


It was my first year blogging. I read blogs more regularly as the year went on. I just started to dip my toe into the water of writing my own reviews. I received my first review copy (which I have not yet reviewed, shame on me). My to-read shelf expanded to astronomical proportions (over 250 books at one point, ugh!). I read way more books than I reviewed. I found out about some of those day-of-the-week themed events, like Nonfiction Monday. I semi-participated in one 24 hour blogathon and I am definitely doing that again. Ivy and I did some collaborative reviews, which was so fun. I can't wait to get her writing her own as she improves her ability to type and write. My most exciting aspect of 2009 was participating in the Cybils graphic novel review panel.


I don't yet have a good sense of my goals here, but I'm having fun and that is fine. I'm trying not to make it about writing regularly or punishing myself for not keeping up with my to-read pile. But, I do want to do more blogging to go along with my reading. I am signing up for some challenges to give a bit of structure to my year. I'm going to do more themed reviews. You'll definitely see more of Ivy; maybe my littler kid will get in on the action as well.

Thanks for reading!