Bloggiesta: Day 2 check-in

Ugh ugh ugh! I didn't make it on the computer AT ALL today. Every time I opened up the computer, Ivy was right on top of me, begging me to do something with her. Brunch, our neighbor's kids' birthday party, an unplanned nap (hubby, not me) in the middle of the day, laundry, gaming and tiki cocktail hour at another neighbor's... well, that was a full day right there.
I'm revising my goals to 5 reviews this weekend instead of 10. We are going to see Avatar tomorrow afternoon, then having dinner with friends, so I'll only have blog time in the AM and evening. Still, I'm pleased for what I've done so far. I did spend a chunk of today reviewing my recent order from Powell's, but I'll make a separate post about that.

Hope others are having a fantastic Bloggiesta and getting tons done!