Bloggiesta: Day 1 check-in

Well, I haven't had much time today to participate in the Bloggiesta, but I knew it was going to be a tough one. Friday is my other day with no planning time, plus meetings after work, stop at the library, get pizza for Pizza-and-Movie-Night, watch said movie with kids, fall asleep on couch (oops! that part wasn't planned...). You get the idea.

But here I am, and I'm psyched! I've been reading through the RSS feed and loving everyone's contests, challenges and reviews.


• Tonight has been Comment-O-Rama for me -- I did at least 20 comments. Technically I did most of my comments on Day One (before midnight) but many of them drifted over into Day Two... I'm still counting them as part of Day One, though, because I did them before I went to bed. =)
• As I was reading new blogs and commenting, I took notes on things I would like to add to my blog. Here's what I have so far:

Blog Layout & Widget Ideas
- followers (all two of them, yay!) =)
- link to Goodreads and Librarything
- blogroll on side (scrolling box?) showing most recent post - how d'you do that??
- challenges w/wordmeters -
- books read in one year
- TwitterCounter
- To Read list on BookBox (
- categories vs. tags, figure this out
- currently reading/listening to (although this could get quite looooong)

O my gosh, what a nifty tool: the Book Blog Search Engine! Hosted by Fyrefly's Book Blog, this promises to provide a quick way to find others' reviews of books I'm posting. I look forward to playing with this.

Off to bed. My goal tomorrow is to focus on reviews, finish reading blogposts from Bloggiesta participants, leave more comments and do the rest of the mini-challenges.