Bloggiesta: Day 0 check-in

I just realized it is actually Thursday, not Friday, meaning I am a day early for the Bloggiesta. heh. Okay, so this is actually day 0.

But... blogging right along! After a short break in which I dismantled the Yule tree (and doesn't a fake tree look bizarre when taken apart into small pieces?), I'm back for a check-in before bed.

Goal #1 has been largely reached. I've sorted through the list of blogs I read regularly, weeded those I have been deleting without reading, and added a few more from others' blogrolls. I suspect I will be adding more as the weekend progresses.

Comment Challenge is coming up tomorrow. Woohoo! My goal is to visit as many blogs as I can find and leave thoughtful comments. I'm going to start with the 100 folks signed up for the 2010 Bloggiesta.

Back in June, the Bloggiesta mini-challenge was to write an elevator pitch for our blog. Here's mine: "At Mama Librarian, I read and review books with my three (now almost four!) year old daughter, comment on tidbits from the kidlitosphere, and discuss all things related to children's literature." Thanks to Deborah at Books, Movies and Chinese Food for hosting this one.

Another mini-challenge was to set up some Google Alerts relating to our blog. I did what many others suggested, which was to set an alert for any mention of my blog's name or my email address. Thanks to Emily's Reading Room for hosting here!

I'm pumped! I'm ready! (I hope for a snow day!)