Bloggiesta: Day 3 Final Wrap-Up

Well, as much as I might not like to admit it, the weekend is over, and so is my first Bloggiesta!  I had so much fun reading others' posts about how to improve their blogs, and learned a lot just by observing the layout of others' blogs too.

Today I had a little more time than yesterday to do some work:
• I'm still getting caught up on reading posts from the feed, which was so fun.
• I implemented some of the ideas I collected on blog layout, including changing the layout/color scheme, adding a Currently Reading and Listening box, adding a Goodreads widget, adding a Followers widget, etc.
• I wrote some posts.
• I added a footer, per the mini-challenge.
• I added my challenges to my Challenges sidebar.

All in all, I spent over 10 hours this weekend on my blog, which is more than I've ever spent on it in the past.  I left 24 comments (not counting comments on challenges), mostly on Friday and Saturday and participated in five mini-challenges, two from last time and three from this time.

Things I didn't do this weekend:
• Review any books.  =(  I'm still reading the book I started the weekend reading.  Even the picture books my kids chose to read with me were repeats.  *sigh*  For a book review blog, I haven't done any actual book reviews in a while!

Still to do, on a rainy day:
• Put my to-read pile into Goodreads and figure out how to link directly to public library & Paperbackswap (book links function)
• Update my Google Reader list from the RSS feed list in Mail.  The formatting is so much more pleasant.

And, on a regular basis, here are some additional goals:
• Write more reviews, darn it!
• Participate in Booking Through Thursday, Saturday Reviews and In My Mailbox frequently (I won't say weekly, because I know that will be the kiss of death).
• Keep up with TBR pile and challenges reading.

This has been a great experience.  Thanks to everyone who made it possible!  I would have loved a Newbies post for those of us participating in the Bloggiesta who are new to the blogosphere, but I really learned a lot just by paying attention.  Next year I'll try to make more focused time to participate, but all things considered, I'm proud of myself and really enjoyed every bit.