ALA Awards 2010 predictions

Here I am, anticipating waking up early on a day off to sit in front of my computer and watch the live telecast.  I sure hope I can get on this year.  I had technical difficulties in previous years.

I've been paying close attention on the Heavy Medal blog and enjoying other bloggers' predictions about who will win.  I haven't done nearly as much reading as others have done, but I have some ballpark predictions for the awards coming up.  Here's what I think will  happen, based on my own reading and others' offerings on blogs and lists:

Medal - Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
Honor - When You Reach Me
Honor - Anything But Typical
Honor - The Dunderheads

Medal - Lion and the Mouse
Honor - All the World
Honor - Moonshot
Honor - The Curious Garden

Medal - Marcello (or possibly these will be switched)
Honor - Liar
Honor - Wintergirls
Honor - Charles & Emma

Winner - Cowgirl Kate & Cocoa: Horse in the House
Honor - Pigs Make Me Sneeze
Honor - Can You Make a Scary Face? or Rhyming Dust Bunnies (I can't pick)

I don't know enough about the Coretta Scott King or Pura Belpre medals to be able to choose possible winners... clearly I need to remedy this for next year.

I will be so curious to see what actually happens.

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