Olé! Bloggiesta!

It has begun! I'm technically still at work, but I'm just waiting for my online course to begin. I can get off to a good start.

1. Clean up RSS feeds. Not directly related to my blog, but definitely important to my blogging ability. Thus far I've had blogs delivered to my inbox. I like this because they come right to my attention, but I just don't have time during the day to pay attention to blog posts the way I would like to. So, sadly, I turned off the inbox feature and will plan some time each day to read the blogs. I want to reconcile the blogs in my inbox with the ones on my neglected feed list on Google, or establish a feed reader I like. Any suggestions (for this Mac user)?

2. Spiff up my blog. I don't like the looks of things around here. I want it to look tighter and neater and get rid of any extraneous junk around the edges. Looks like I'll be delving into the Blogger man files. (are they even CALLED man files anymore??)

3. Write at least 10 reviews this weekend. I want to review some of the books I've read recently and took notes for, and I want to get rid of some of the picture book piles in my family room.

4. Write at least 20 comment posts to other Bloggiesta participants. I wish I could promise to write a comment to everyone! Maybe... who knows how late I can stay up. =)

If you stop by, please write a hello and some encouragement. I have a busy weekend, including a Yule tree to take down and two adorable toddlers to play with, not to mention a husband to cuddle and six quadrillion books beckoning me to read... read... read...