Spring Reading Thing 2009

Well, I've been wondering what I might use this blog for, so I think I'm going to attempt to join (late) the Spring Reading Thing. My initial list is just going to consist of the pile o' books I picked up at the library the other day, plus my to-read shelf.

Paul Fleischman:
- Seedfolks
- Lost! A Story in String
- Sidewalk Circus
- Saturnalia
- The Borning Room
- Coming and Going Men
- The Animal Hedge
- The Birthday Tree
- I Am Phoenix: Poems for Two Voices
- The Half-A-Moon Inn
- Shadow Play
- Weslandia
- Time Train

Laurie Myers (Betsy Byars' daughter):
- Surviving Brick Johnson
- Dog Diaries
- My Dog, My Hero
- Guinea Pigs Don't Talk
- Earthquake in the Third Grade

A few miscellaneous others, some of which have been sitting on my to-read shelf for months now, and I'd better get to them:
- Life as We Knew It (I read The Dead and the Gone and decided I had to read this one too)
- The Way a Door Closes (again, I read Keeping the Night Watch and had to read the prequel)
- Louisiana's Song (sequel to Gentle's Holler)

Also, I'll sprinkle in some adult SF I've been wanting to get to, including the remainder of the Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold (I'm just starting Komarr, which I think is the fourth from the end) and Mark L. Van Name's books.

I usually post my reviews on GoodReads, so I'm not sure how this will go, but I'll try to follow up on at least these books here.