Ivy's Pick: Rapunzel by Grimm, illustrated by Dorothee Duntze

Ivy knows the Rapunzel story from a coloring book, but she'd not read the fairy tale, so I decided to pick up a copy to share with her.  I knew she would find the copy of Rapunzel's Revenge I got from the library, too, so I figured this would give her some background story.  

Duntz's version is less scary than Zelinsky's; there's no poking-out-of-the-eyes or anything.  The style is soft, mostly pastel, and has a strange undersea quality: the table in her tower looks like a snail, and is that a sea urchin hanging from the ceiling?  The translation was solid and appropriate for elementary kids.

Ivy liked the part where Rapunzel had two children, but wondered why they were so old.  They did seem to spring out of nowhere.

Pub Weekly said: "The arresting art abounds with sensuality and charm, making this version a welcome reimagining of a classic tale."

Awesomeness: 5/10
Wordsmithing: 6/10
Personages: 3/10 
Illustrations: 6/10

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