Ivy's Pick: Who Needs Donuts? by Mark Alan Stamaty

This is a weird book.  

Now that I have that judgmental statement over with... it's a nice little story about materialism and greed. A boy wants all the donuts in the world, so he leaves his family, goes to the city and finds a kindred spirit donut seeker.  Boy eventually loses his friend to love and decides having all the donuts is not as important as having people who love you.  I'd never heard of it, but I decided I needed to read it when it turned up as #81 on Fuse #8's 100 Best Picture Books thingie.  

The illustrations are crammed full of black-and-white detail from one edge to another, with a preponderance of wide-mouthed caricatures and little signs with lots of words.  A little scary, a little bizzare, a little intriguing.  In the end, not really my cup of tea.

Ivy likes the elephant birds, of course -- she likes anything with elephants.  She also likes hunting for the little talk bubbles ("What does that say?").  

Awesomeness: 3/10
Wordsmithing: 5/10
Personages: 4/10
Illustrations: 6/10

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