The Pig's Picnic by Keiko Kasza

Is it just me, or does Keiko Kasza have a real mean streak?  She's very hard on her poor little animal characters.  They're always yelling at each other or calling one another names.  Maybe I'm just sensitive to such talk, but it seems a little excessive.  

This book is a perfect example.  Mr. Pig goes on his predictable, repetitive journey on his way to see his ladylove, and his friends all give them their best attributes (mane, stripes and tail) in which to dress up.  When he gets there, does she snort with delicate piggy laughter and encourage him to "just be himself?"  No!  She screams, attempts to shut the door in his face and calls him a monster.  I don't know about you, but if someone criticized my fashion sense like that, poor though it may be, I wouldn't be going on any picnics with them.

Well, it's Keiko Kasza, and it's still going to circulate effortlessly in my K-1 crowd.  I just wonder if it's exactly the message I want to send?  I'll guide them toward Grandfather Toad's Secrets instead.

Awesomeness: 4/10
Wordsmithing: 4/10
Personages: 3/10
Illustrations: 6/10

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