The Christmas Dolls (Girls of the Good Day Orphanage series) by Carol Beach York

This came off of someone's Top Ten Books list, and as I am also a fan of the young girl orphan genre, I thought I'd give it a look.  These girls are considerably better treated than Sara Crewe of Miss Minchin's was.  The girls are not the focus of the book -- the dolls, and their uncertain fate, are -- but there is still plenty of attention paid to details of interest to little girls, such as the contents of their Christmas stockings.

Now, I thought the book was very sweet, succinctly written with characters as interesting as any doll characters in children's chapter books may be.  But I couldn't stop thinking I'd seen these characters before.  I even recognize the illustration style, though not the illustrations themselves.  Tatty... Little Anne... what book had they appeared in originally?  It's just on the tip of my tongue.  I wish I had an answer.  Perhaps I will dream it tonight.

Awesomeness: 3/10
Wordsmithing: 5/10
Personages: 6/10

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