Title Roundup: Middle Grade Novels in Verse

When I discovered verse novels, I felt like I'd found another piece of the elephant. This was going to be a hook to get more kids reading! Lovers of imagery and short fiction and, heck, rap could appreciate the meter and rhythm of poetic novels. I immediately put together a program for my fifth graders and applied for a grant to buy the very best middle grade verse novels out there.

That was five years ago. I haven't taught fifth graders since. There have been a ton of good ones published in the last five years, but consider that these titles inspired the newer ones. Amidst the buzz this year about Brown Girl Dreaming, Crossover, How I Discovered Poetry and others at the ALA Youth Media Awards this year, don't overlook these titles for your middle grade and young teen readers.


Cover pics from Goodreads, and they all link there.  Here's my complete Goodreads shelf of poetic novels. What favorites of yours did I miss?

Other lists of MG poetic novels (with some YA mixed in, because crossover):