Check-in, long overdue

So if you were a faithful reader of my blog earlier this year, you might have noticed I started with a bang and ended with a whimper.  I have a few reasons for this.  (If you prefer to skip the excuses, jump down to "Now that it's summer...")

Last year, the job of media specialist continued to get more intense.  I had the same amount of teaching, administration and supervisory work as I'd had the year before, but 200 minutes less per week in which to do it.  I had trouble keeping up.  It took me a while to adjust, and by then, I'd lost most of the spring.

Mostly, though, I was feeling depressed about the future of my job.  To begin with, media specialists across the country are being cut from their schools. My state is in particularly dire straits; our district, along with many others around us, is facing huge budget cuts.  I think we still have a few years before our department is cut entirely, but many of my colleagues' positions will be reduced next year.

But that's not the reason for my personal concern.  Our union voted to make a change in the teacher's contract which specifies that media specialists must have a media endorsement on their teaching certification.  This is generally what I would consider to be a good thing, but unfortunately, I don't have one because I was a public librarian first.  So the district, in all its wisdom, has decided I'm not eligible to teach media anymore.  Instead, I'll be teaching first and second grade (which I've never taught before).  Thinking about how that is going to change the focus of my reading, and my purpose in having this blog, kind of got me stuck.

Now that it's summer, I'm sorting through my TBRs and trying to make some new goals:

Those are plenty of summer goals.  I hope to get caught up by fall (when I'll be overwhelmed all over again).