48-Hour Book Challenge - pledge for the Little Lake Free School!

Here's the letter I put together to send to the Little Lake Free School support community:

Hi there -- I'm Maggi, one of the folks hiding in the wings of the wonderful Little Lake Free School.  I'm sorry I haven't yet written an intro, but if you've been to any of the intro sessions, I'm the REALLY tall woman with red hair.  Can't miss me.

I'm an educator and librarian by day, a mommy and cohouser by night, but in my free time, I am a children's literature blogger at Mama Librarian (http://mamalibrarian.blogspot.com/). I love to read and write about kids' books.  

Coming up in two weeks is an event I'm really looking forward to: the annual 48-Hour Book Challenge, hosted by another kidlit blogger.  You can read more about it here: http://www.motherreader.com/2010/05/fifth-annual-48-hour-book-challenge.html

Many bloggers will be reading in support of their favorite charity, and I'm putting forth my hat to collect pledges for the Little Lake Free School.  My goal is to read as many hours as I can in the 48 hour slot allotted to me.  Of course, there will be some sleeping and childcare in there, but nearly all other moments of those two days will be spent reading and blogging about it.  

My goal is to read for 30 HOURS.   Do you think I can do it??  Your donations would go a long way toward encouraging me to really GO for it!

My suggested pledge is five cents per minute.  That would be a $3 donation per hour I read.  Boy, I haven't worked for $3/hour in a long time.  =)   If I reach my goal, that would be a donation of $90.  Sound like too much?  How about ONE CENT per minute?  I bet you have a big jar of pennies somewhere.  =)

I will provide incentives, too!!  I have a large (think over 1500 titles) library of books.  Many great picture books, children's novels, fantasy & SF, rare titles on midwifery, teaching, community and more!  For every $0.05 (five minute) per hour pledge you make, you can choose one book from my library.  I'll even mail it to you if you're not from Ann Arbor!  (You can peruse a catalog of my library at my librarything: http://www.librarything.com/catalog/nubianamy but I own many, many titles I haven't yet added!).  

I also have some great AUTOGRAPHED books!  Most recently I had four beautiful brand-new picture books signed by the fantastic author/illustrator Chris Van Allsburg, author of The Polar Express.  Other autographed copies I have include books by John Perry, Johnathan Rand, Gary Paulsen, Lauren Myracle, and lots more.  I will donate a SIGNED book to any donors willing to pledge $0.10 (ten cents) per minute I read in 48 hours.

Every penny donated to LLFS through this challenge will be fed through the Kickstarter program to help LLFS reach their goal there.  But, if the Kickstarter goal is not reached, I'll still be passing this money on to LLFS.  It's win-win!!

Please feel free to email (or comment here) with questions and pledges, and pass this on to friends of democratic schooling (or anyone who might want a great free book).  And thanks for all you do for LLFS!

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