48-Hour Book Challenge - oKAY, oKAY. I'm in.

I can't remember in whose blog I first noticed MotherReader's 48-Hour Book Challenge, but I do recall my response was, "Ohhh, good thing I really don't have time for that."

Then the second time I saw it, I thought, "Boy, that looks fun!  Still - absolutely no time."

Ten plus posts later... Sheesh.  Nothing like peer pressure to get me off my butt.  (Or, more precisely, onto my butt -- reading.)  So, yes, I'm in!

The rules are very precise, and they only allow chapter books at around a 5th grade level and up.  So I think I shall compile an alluring stack of novels to keep me reading.  Graphic novels ARE allowed, and I suspect I will mix quite a few of those into the stack, but I have read most of the ones I had checked out of the library.  Time to delve into the ol' Goodreads TBR pile, which, last I checked, has exceeded 500 titles.  Also, this is a perfect time to catch up on all the books I haven't read for various challenges, especially the YA books I've neglected throughout the school year.  The rules also say one audiobook is OK, so that will have to be a pretty hefty audiobook to keep me going through the more ambulatory portions of my scheduled 48 hours.

I will also be informing my husband that I will be busy reading for most of the weekend.  This should allow for more uninterrupted chunks of reading time.  Maybe.  However, my schedule also says I have a party to attend on Sunday afternoon, so that may preclude some reading.

My start time will be 10 pm on Friday (late enough I can be sure the kids will actually be sleeping, early enough I can still read quite a bit before falling asleep).  This puts my ending time at 10pm Sunday.  Perfect timing to crash into bed for work on Monday.

And this is also a perfect opportunity to support my favorite charity, the Little Lake Free School, the democratic school I'm helping get ready to open its big wide arms in September 2010!   If you would like to help support LLFS and are willing to donate a small amount for the time I read/blog -- say, $0.05 per minute read?  That would only be $3/hour!  You can afford that, right?? -- please email me or post a comment here.  I will put all the money I raise in this effort toward their Kickstarter, which will take them just that much closer to their goal.

Now I'm starting to get excited... and trying not to think about all the office-cleaning, packing and other tasks I have to do at work.