Binky the Space Cat, Part Three

After devouring Ashley Spires' adorable and sting-tastic Binky to the Rescue, my daughter Ivy said, "I wonder what happens next in the story?"  Of course, I said, "You can write that part."  And she did!  With a little typing assistance from her old lady, she composed this rather violent tale (spoiler alert):

Binky, Part Three, by Ivy (age 4) and Mama (age 37)

The bees come and sting Ted and cut him open.  Binky fights back with his atomic flyswatter.  The bees sting Binky and cut him open too.  Binky says, “Shoo, go away, bees!”  Ted says, “Thanks, Binky, you saved my life!”  Then Binky and Ted share a victory pizza.

Then the bees cut their house open and put some sharp stings on there, so when Binky and Ted fall out of their house they will prick themselves.  Then they prick themselves and say, “Ouch, ooch, ouch owch!”  But Binky’s people from outer space come down in a bigger space ship, and rescue Ted and Binky!

Then they see this bright light and a monster eats them.  But they use a sword to cut the monster open and escape.  Another monster comes and eats them, but they escape from this one, too, by opening his mouth and cutting all his gums.  After that, Binky and Ted are so tired from all the fighting that they fall down asleep on the floor.
Next to come: illustrations in KidPix.

I wonder if 4-year-olds are eligible to nominate books in the Cybils?  She won't be awake tonight to get involved in the nom nom nom party, but I'll read through the rules and see if she can participate in the nominations. 

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