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Froodle by Antoinette Portis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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Something to know about me: words make me laugh. And oh my gosh, did this make me laugh. Right away, I knew my son would appreciate it too. I called him over from his trains and said, "Seriously, you have to hear this book." I was right. His response upon reading it: "Can we buy that book? It's my favorite book ever!"

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This is a book (illustrated by the author of NOT A BOX) about bucking the trend and choosing to be an individual, and how the others in one's peer group might react to it. The crow resisted the longest, but even he decided words were awesome too.

There's a lovely connection to seasons here, and sounds animals make. The first grade teacher in me is clamoring for curricular connections, but the librarian in me is just saying, "They are going to ask for this one over and over."

Antoinette Portis talking about imagination in 2008.

Ratings start at 5 out of 10 (perfectly acceptable) and go up or down from there.

Awesomeness: 9. A great concept, fabulously executed.

Wordsmithing: 8. Quirky and clever, and full of puns and references that older readers will relish.

Personages: 7. Each bird has its own personality, which I love.

Mesmerizitude: 8. I will totally read this book again.

Illustrations: 7. Sweet and simple and beautifully balanced.

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