Oh, frabjous day!

Long story short... my school district saw fit to remove me from the media center two years ago because, even though I'd been teaching media for eight years, have a classroom teaching degree and a masters in library and information science, I needed to have an additional piece of certification.  I fought it, and lost, and spent two years teaching in the classroom in an awesome building working with a bunch of fantastic teachers and adorable, brilliant children.  Last week, the district decided I was suddenly qualified again, and moved me back into the media center, complete with two new buildings.  So... here I am again, doing what I'm most qualified to do. I'm sad to leave my building of two years, but very happy to be working with library collections and technology again.  Let's call it a win, and hopefully they won't decide next year that I'm not qualified anymore.

So!  I'm suddenly back to reading, and reading means blogging, and blogging means you get to hear me nattering on about books again.  I'll be focusing on graphic novels, as usual.  Also, since one of my schools is K-2, I'll be reading a lot of picture books and early readers.  

Anybody have any good suggestions?  What have I missed over the past two years that I absolutely need to pick up and read?

Thanks to everyone who's still out there reading.  I'm so happy to be back.